"Disfida delle Comunità" New edition

Sunday, June 17, from 16.00, there is the great medieval festival organized by the historical group Montecarlo. The "Second duel of the Communities" Monte Carlo: Teso, S. Piero and bridge Canneto starting at 16:00 on Sunday, June 17, will compete in a contest of shooting with various types of ancient weapons, historical arc to the dagger, the ax to launch in the unique setting of the ancient village of Montecarlo in that very square where Garibaldi dominate the walls of the fourteenth-century fortress Cerruglio. In the same time the public of all ages will be entertained with animations, games and the performance of the ancient trades waiting from 18.00 until 19.30 the start of the second edition of the challenge. The show continues in the evening from 21.30 to 23.00 with entertainment between games, fights, shots with the catapult to a close with a spectacular nighttime assault the fortress of Cerruglio. The event, with free admission, is particularly educational for young audiences and families. For more information Renzo Fantozzi 339.4706645