Getting married in Montecarlo

Original locations to celebrate your wedding

At Montecarlo di Lucca you can celebrate the wedding ceremonies in a very special place: the Teatro Comunale dei Rassicurati, the Multifunctional Hall of the former Church of Mercy, the Cerruglio Fortress, the Cantine and Historical Houses in the Municipality of Montecarlo are prestigious places Unique to perform the ceremony. This is of course an opportunity offered as an alternative to the normal civil ceremony within the rooms of the City Hall.

Over time, new memberships have emerged, encompassing the number and type of locations where spouses can choose where to trade the fate "yes", as well as the number of restaurants in the area that, by adhering to the initiative , They undertake to offer favorable promotions to those who choose Monte Carlo for marriage, want to continue to celebrate on the hill.

Not only that, the bride and groom can choose the administrator, man or woman, to perform the ceremony, from which they will receive a bottle of Doc of Monte Carlo personalized with the name of the couple.

Absolutely novel: It is possible to have your own pet to participate in marriage, for many Italians more than just a family member. His presence at the ceremony will be symbolically attested by a special parchment released by the Commune that will automatically enroll his four-legged friend in the communion register - the first in Italy - of "Family Animals".

Contact the City

Anyone who is interested in taking this Opportunity can contact the Municipality of Montecarlo at 0583 229741.