The Heart of Tuscany

"The Heart of Tuscany": this is the name of the map created through the collaboration of six municipalities (Montecarlo, Altopascio, Chiesina Uzzanese, Pescia, Porcari and Villa Basilica), and thirty thousand copies will be distributed in order to promote the area Lucca, Tuscany and, more generally, with its events and its wonders.At present the map, now in the Town Hall at 12 am: Mayor MontecarloVittorio Fantozzi, Chairman of the Board of the City of Chiesina UzzaneseEugenio Bossetti, the mayor of Pescia Roberta Marks, Marisa Serafini councilor representing Villa Basilica, the commissioner culture of Altopascio Nicola Fantozzi, and finally the publisher Joseph Moriconi (Editions Moriconi).The map is a great tool for tourists, who can find historical information, such as the origins of the municipalities, as well as the list of salient events. Around the map of the six countries are also other points of interest, including the cities of Pisa, Siena, Livorno, with the relevant information to better understand and easily visit the heart of the Tuscan."Overcoming parochialism and different political orientations - the mayor said Fantozzi - we made this ambitious project to promote the area. Montecarlo launched the idea, we wanted to present our Tuscan area as one of the most beautiful places to stay, and this paper will serve to highlight an area in which not missing anything. In these six towns you can breathe the air of the most authentic Tuscany. Thank you very much the publisher doc, in our area, ie Moriconi, for a job well done. ""This is truly an idea apt - the mayor intervened Brands - a demonstration of how to coordinate the work of government." Serafini of the same opinion: "An initiative as an example of how local authorities can work together in future. "Ditto the commissioner Fantozzi:" I would call it a form of integrated promotion, able to bring out the best initiatives. ""We immediately embraced the proposal - said Bossetti - because valid. I've always enjoyed a good Milanese territory, and agree to define it as the heart of Tuscany. We have considerable potential and abroad envy us. "Finally, the Image comment: "It is my passion to take care of the land, and for sure an organization like this will really help tourism and perhaps expand the periods of residence.""The Heart of Tuscany" was made with the support of the Region of Tuscany, Province of Lucca and Pistoia, the Chamber of Commerce of Lucca and Pistoia. Present information on a map, phone numbers and websites of municipalities.