Inside and outside the wall

Vivinaia the village disappeared

Situated in the district of Lucca, the territory of Montecarlo comprises the following villages: Capoluogo, S. Giuseppe, S. Salvatore, S. Piero in Campo, Turchetto, Luciani, Fornace, Micheloni and Gossi. The historical centre of the village is situated on top of the hillside, at the foot of the 14th-16th century Fortress, which includes the triangular-shaped keep, the Tower of St Barbara and the quadrilateral-shaped Tower of the Apparition. Montecarlo has become a popular tourist attraction with many house farm estates nearby. As well as producing oil and wine, these properties also provide hospitality for Italian and foreign guests.

Strolling around the district, we often come across small stone shrines (aedicules) with frescoes and votive statues, which are known as "Marginette". They represented a point of reference, reflection and prayer for pilgrims traveling to Rome.