Walking Monte Carlo; path CARLO IV

Path indicated by arrows ORANGEFortress Of Cerruglio - Turchetto - Carbonata - St. Joseph and back in Monaco - total length 11 km approx.Departures: from the Castle of Charles IV and the Church of Turchetto (Car parks in Piazza d'Armi and Piazza Nenni to Turchetto) Turchetto - Monte Carlo / 6 Km approx.(Turchetto - Mini Wine - Cercatoia - Micheloni - Panattoni Frantoio - St. Joseph - Rio San Gallo - Sports area Althen des Paluds - the Green Municipal Area - Montechiari - Fortino - Parade Ground - Fortress Cerruglio) - This is the trait most along the path and also the most striking, in what will be possible to encounter landscapes, waters, botanical riches of the municipal area, the wine farms and oil, and the grove of giant bamboo area sports along the rio San Gallo. Then Cercatoia historical, old farmers short, until we reach the ancient and modern Francigena.Cerruglio - St. Joseph - Mei - Carbonata 3.8 Km approx. (Old Town - Restaurant Forassiepi - Via del Tredici - Furnace - St. Joseph-Farm Bulls - Panattoncelli - Mei - Via Carbonata - "Tavern" by Carbonata) This is the most "rustic" campaign in Monte Carlo, which then allows you to see glimpses of ancient peasant life and the potential of rehabilitation and recovery in agricultural function of the ex-tourist-Fornacetta and its lake.Carbonated - Turchetto - 1.2 Km approx. (Carbonata - Massimini - Church of Turchetto) Here the "way Vinaria" meets the "Via Francigena" and "ways of the Faith." Observe the fifteenth-century structures that revolved around the "Tavern of the Turkish". Given the length of this path is possible to do two "minipercorsi", walked independently, which intersect in loc. Mei - Centi dividing into: Path of Turchetto 4.8 Km approx., - Path Monte Carlo 5.7 Km of approx.