The churchs

The Collegiate Church of Sant'Andrea

The Church was restructured towards the end of the eighteenth century, it still has its fourteenth-century facade and portal. Inside is the chapel of the Madonna del Soccorso,  patron saint  of the people of Montecarlo: the fresco in it, late fifteenth-century, represents the Madonna in the act of protecting a child from the snares of the demon, a reminder of the village legend that tells of the miracle of the appearance of the Madonna on the tower of the fortress to defend the village from an attack by the soldiers of Pisa. To be seen: the 16th  century baptismal font, a painted altar piece by Francesco Conti dating back to 1735, a wooden statue of St. Anthony the Abbot, the Fresco of the Last Supper, the 15th century painting of the "Madonna del Soccorso", the Baptismal Font dating 16th century, classical design in the interior of Chapel of the Rosary. In a little museum inside the Church find marbled and gilded ornamental receptacles, silver chalices dating 17th century, silver ciborium (Roman craftsmanship), carved wooden and gilded reliquary dating 16th-17th century, a small wooden casket dating 17th century, a silver and metal reliquary dating from 1700.