The theater

The Rassicurati Munipal Theatre

The Theatre was built in the early years of the eighteenth century by an association of wealthy landowners of the town, called Accademia degli Assicurati; it is today the fulcrum of a remarkable amount of cultural and theatre events. The first certain mention of its long activity dates back to 1791, when the Grand-duke of Tuscany decreed its reopening; subsequently, in 1796, the building was completely restructured at the hands of Antonio Capretti, and resumed its brilliant activity. In the course of the XIX century, the whole Italian melodrama was represented on its stage, from Rossini to Bellini, from Donizetti to Verdi, by the principal theatrical companies. Around the sixties of the XX century, after a phase of decline, the theatre was totally restored with the support of the citizens, and took up its activities again in 1977 with the representation of "The Silken Staircase" by G. Rossini. The building is very attractive, with the typical structure of Operatic theatres and a double row of boxes. The water-colour decorations of the railings are in Rococo and Neoclassic style, though partly modified by successive restructuring. The works of many important playwrights such as Alfieri, Pellico and Niccolini have been performed here. The young Giacomo Puccini also gave performances here. Different  Prose recitals and amateur dramatic productions are put on every year.