The Chicken Brick back on the table

The commissioner for agriculture and tourism Angelita Paciscopi wanted to emphasize the big news of this year, which is the chance to taste the chicken under a brick, traditional dish that we wanted to raise. This detail is related to 'cultural initiative. The representative of AIS in Montecarlo Lucca Fulvio Donatini explained how they were made ​​of adequate research in this regard between the local caterers from which it emerged that a dish is linked to the territory. "It turned out - said Donatini - that tradition is ancient, it is by the Etruscans and later versions are made in our territory. The recipe that we propose is the original one that comes from our grandmothers: Leghorn breed of free-range chicken, white wine and extra virgin olive oil Montecarlo Montecarlo ". He also added, for limestone sull'accezione cultural event, "It 'a dish that is eaten as you visit a monument. It 'a cultural thing, and for that you have to wait with patience because it will take at least 25 minutes to prepare. "You can taste this dish at the restaurant since Christmas, the restaurant La Nina, or Forassiepi restaurant where reservations are welcome for a professional organization.